Group Benefits

You care about your employees and want the best for them. You also run a business and need to control costs. Great news: With the right benefits strategy, EVERYBODY benefits! Book your free discovery session and we’ll show you how!

What kind of benefits fit you best?

Pooled Benefits with the Chambers Plan

Pooling your coverage with more than 30,000 other Chamber members across Canada. Talk about strength in numbers!

Combination of Pooled & Non-Pooled Benefits

Let’s combine the pooled coverage of the Chamber Plan with traditional insurance carriers. Best of both worlds!

Non-Pooled Benefits (a.k.a. Traditional Insurance)

We customize a plan and get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Let’s make them compete for your business!


Ready to take control of your own expenses? As you can imagine, this comes with some big caveats. Let’s talk!

Life, Disability, Critical Illness Insurance

Nobody wants to talk about being in a horrible accident or getting a devastating diagnosis, but you know what’s worse? When a shock like this happens and families have NOTHING. (GoFundMe doesn’t have to be the answer.)

We can answer questions like:

  1. How much life insurance do I really need?
  2. Why is personal life insurance better than mortgage insurance?
  3. How come I feel good talking to Tyler about this?
    I thought it would suck (ps Tyler’s the one in the middle)!

Life Insurance

Did you know there are different types? Yep! Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life. We can help you choose what’s best for you, your budget and the loved one(s) you want to protect with a lump sum payment should you pass.

Disability Insurance

What would you do if you got sick or injured, could no longer work and your income suddenly STOPPED? Not fun to think about, but with disability insurance, at least you’d know that you and your family will never be put in that position. (If you own a business, Overhead Expense Insurance is available, too.)

Critical Illness Insurance

Chances are, you know someone who got a life-threatening illness completely unexpectedly. So, you know it can and DOES happen. Critical Illness Insurance would be there with a lump sum payment if ever it happens to you. You can even get 100% of your premiums back if you never need it! (See? Insurance CAN be exciting!)

Health & Wellness Spending Accounts

Employees today appreciate and expect flexibility, so it’s no surprise that health spending accounts (HSAs) are getting more popular — and rockstar bosses like YOU are, too! Let’s create an HSA that will have your team saying “Y-A-SSSSS!”

Health Spending Account

A non-taxable way for your team to top up their plan in whatever way they want — like on snazzier glasses or an extra massage or three!

Wellness Spending Account

A taxable account to encourage healthy, happy employees. Who wouldn’t love to be able to claim gym memberships, workout equipment or ergonomic home office furniture?

Flexible Spending Account

Our most popular choice! Combine health spending with wellness spending and let your employees decide where they allocate the money!